WP Realty and its subsidiaries have been in operation since 1977 with the acquisition of an 80,000 S.F. office building located at exit 37 on Route 80 in Denville, New Jersey.  That acquisition was followed by the remaining seven buildings on 43 acres which was the former site of Reaction Motors.  Reaction Motors developed the X-15 Rocket which was an integral part in pioneering modern space exploration.

Over the years our portfolio has grown. In 1982 we acquired a 55,000 S.F. Industrial building in Washington Township, Morris County and in 1999 a 275,000 S.F. industrial complex in Dover for a total of 16 buildings of over 800,000 S.F.

We have a diverse set of leaseholds numbering over 100 ranging from food manufacturing to pharmaceutical research and development.  Regardless of the leasehold, our philosophy hasn't changed in over 35 years:  Provide experienced and dedicated hands-on management that will provide the environment for our tenants to be successful.